Packing it in



Apologies to the good folk out there who have been slipping off the edge of their seats in anticipation of my usual weekend essay. I’m packing it in for the Early Buddhist monastic year.

In a few days I’ll be leaving Sydney for the Blue Mountains, a short three-day’s walk away, to make preparations for my annual Rain’s Retreat in a mountain cave of undisclosed location.

If you’d like to catch me before I leave Sydney, then please come to Pal Buddhist School in Canley Vale this Sunday evening or the Metta Centre in Bankstown this Tuesday evening.

I’ll also be doing meditations and Q&A sessions in the Blue Mountains for the first two months of my three month retreat. The dates haven’t been settled, but shall be posted onto the events page as soon as they are.

Or else, you might consider coming to our Kathina celebration on Sunday 12 November, where I will reveal the secrets gleaned from the bosom of the cosmos during my retreat to kick off the monastic new year. I’ll be officially seven years old as a monk.

See events page for all the details.

Other than that … Try not to let the decline of civilisation upset you while I’m away.



Composure of Yin and Yang



This is part four of the series
So You Think You Can Save Civilisation.


I must have been born into the wrong millennium. As a child growing up in the ‘burbs of Sydney’s South-West, I yearned to become a part of King Arthur’s Round Table and by degrees grew cynical about the fact that the highest prospect anyone had was election into Bob Hawke’s cabinet. What I wanted — with a memorably asthmatic ache — was a vision of grace, beauty, excellence and nobility to which I could pledge my life and allegiance (and plastic Easter Show He-Man sword). Ah … for the days of old-timey religion that provided that for us. We thrived on stories of David, Moses, Jesus and the Saints. But the bare paedophilic reality of the Church has pushed too hard against the faith of us mere mortals. It’s enough to make one suspect that King Arthur was really just another crook in shining armour.

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Upali’s Verse



Of the wise one, free of delusion,
Of the broken pillar, the conquered conqueror,
Of the untroubled one with harmonious mind,
Of the one with mature virtue and excellent wisdom,
Of the one who sees past appearance and is stainless,
Of that Blessed One, I am a disciple.

[audio: English & Pāli]

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